Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Little Scarlett! she came over for her first photo shoot! tiny tiny, and so much hair! Just two weeks old--I was dying--she is darling! This little girl is going to be smart (both her parents are pediatricians) and she is a looker--watch out boys! Here is the preview..
Proud Grandparents!

Baby Millie

This is one of my sweetest friend's little girlie-- Millie! Isn't she so so darling? I took her picts when she was only 2 weeks, and now she is almost 1...crazy! I've been searching for these bright suckers for picts, and finally found some! oh so many to choose from--I'm not a very decisive person--so I have the hardest time picking which ones to preview---I honestly loved them all....

LIttle Lucy

I took little lucy's pictures when she was just a newborn. Now she is 6 months old, and as cute as ever. We had lots of fun!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Today I took picts of the Chatelain fam...They are so cute, and we got some fun shots. She wanted me to take one of her fam all in the bath tub, and it turned out really cute..lots of fun..Here are a few guys--yet again, couldn't decide--so I just put the first ones I had edited. There are lots of good ones.. (I added some effects to some of them)


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Kimra & Jake---Here is your preview! It was so much fun taking your picts, and you guys are such a cute couple. Here are some of my favorites--I added some fun effects to some of them.....