Friday, July 25, 2008

Awesome finds!!

I went out today in the search of some chairs or maybe even a couch for some upcoming shoots. I scored big time--I got 3 chairs and an ottoman--they include an awesome avocado green, brown wing-back, brown chaise, and a baby blue ottoman!! how excited was I?? I probably didn't need to get them all, but I couldn't resist. Now I am going to start having the problem of choosing which ones I want to use.....You can check out some of my finds in some shoots coming up:)


Melissa Hirschi said...

Hey I'm looking for a chair for my bedroom. Where have you been finding yours?

Sharstin said...

I just find them everywhere--antique shops, savers, places like that. I am sure you could find one, and then maybe even get it recovered.