Sunday, August 3, 2008

On Display

Pediatric Care of Ogden, a local pediatric office was remodeling, and they hired me to do all the pictures throughout the whole office. It was so much fun, because I got to blow up tons of my favorite pictures--all newborns, babies and kids. I loved being able to see them so big!! I went in the office the other day, to check out how if was looking, and it was so awesome to see all of these pictures I had taken all over the walls!--I almost cried. Thanks to all of you for your permission to let me display you kids :) If you are in need of a pediatrician-that is the place to go--they are amazing!


Amiee said...

hey that is AWESOME about getting hired to put up your pics in there. WOO HOO.

who do you recommend for a pediatrician? we just lost ours b/c he moved. i'm super bummed. Roob would prefer a guy for anyways, just thought i'd ask. we're keeping our options open. we have an appt to try out another one this week at mckaydee pediatrics. but i hear he's just "ok." i want a GREAT doc for my kid! :)

Keri Mead said...

That's awesome! Which pedatrician is it?