Monday, June 22, 2009


May I first start off by saying I love the name Stella! it has been on my list of favs for a while! In fact, I am pretty certain if I have another girl she will be a little Stella. Well--Anyhoo-- this little Stella was the cutest Stella I have ever seen! Just over a week old, and teeny tiny! I have taken big sister Presley's pictures before and she is darling! We had lots of fun Thanks guys!


*I found this cutie Hat at Little Cherry Blossoms the day before this shoot--I LOvE it!* perfect for STella





Big sister Presley




Keri said...

Cute hat! I also love the name Stella - I have for a long time!!! You should totally use fits you and your cute fam!

Lindsay Heiser said...

Those are so darling Shar!! Stella is so precious! Love Presley in the tire swing as well=) You for sure should name your little girl Stella- I love it.

Janika said...

Love the name stella! Love little cherry blossoms too! They have so many great stores on that road! Next time you are on 25th stop by and say hi...(if it's a friday or saturday) I might be working. :)

Berlins said...

I LOVE that hat. And how about those girl names! so cute!!! Love the pictures! I can't wait until you can take my little babies pictures!

Tonic said...

Great pic's as always, that hat and that dress make me want more girls!