Friday, September 4, 2009


So I pretty much love this couple. Brandon is my nephew (yes we are basically the same age) and he just got engaged! I love Sunnie--she is super fabulous, and has great style. These guys are perfect for each other! We had so much fun taking picts, and talking NYC!
Don't you love their vibe?
*thanks guys--luv ya!
ps-you better have a comfortable chair for this post. It's a tad bit lengthy:)



IMG_z6876 IMG_z6885_edited-1

IMG_z6894_edited-1 IMG_z6891_edited-1


Patricia said...

Sharstin, Wow! I love the pictures of Brandon & Sunnie. You did a great job and they look so cute together. Love Mom

Patricia said...

Beautiful beyond words!! Loved the first one and the black and white kissing in the laundry mat! You truly caught the essence of both of these amazing people!! Thank you sharstin sooooo much. Angie (using mom's gmail)

Sierra & Ryan said...

Sharstin! These are amazing! You just keep getting better and better! I agree with Angie--you totally caught who they are in these pictures. I am so happy for them and can't wait!!

Lindsay Heiser said...

I really love these pictures!! Love their style.. Such a cute couple! Amazing as always Shar! =)

cally said...

So great!! I wanna get engaged again. To the same guy, of course. But you can take my pictures.

You are so good!


Wow, in a few of those he really looks like Andrew. Cute couple, fun shots!

Erin said...

Beautiful job. They have great style and the lighting is fantastic.