Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{happy 5th birthday caleb!}

My little guy just turned 5!
{I love you as BRILLIANT as eash sparkling star, and as WAY OUT as space, I love you THAT far.I Love you as GIGANTIC as a great lion's roar, and as DEEP as the ocean, I love you MUCH more.You're my SWEETIE, my dear, my SMILE and laughter. You're my PLAYMATE for always, and my JOY ever after.I CAN'T IMAGINE life before YOU came along...me there singing senseless, no MEANING to my song. Call is MEANT TO BE or simpply blessed fate, you fill my heart WITH LOVE...and for THAT I celebrate!}
....from one of our favorite books.....


once zoee saw caleb getting picts, she had to jump in! hey if she was willing, i was game!

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