Friday, April 30, 2010

{lola jane is almost here...}

A week or so ago I went and snapped a few picts of my sis Linds and her little family! she is about to have her new little baby Lola in a couple weeks! we cannot wait to meet the little bug~ She has the cutest fam in world--we love them so!!

Mylee is going to be an amazing big sister!


Lindsay Heiser said...

Thanks Shar!! I'm glad I decided to take a few.. those will be fun to have! I like the one of Mylee kissing my belly =)

Melissa Hirschi said...

Oh my gosh! These are super cute. You look amazing Linds with your little belly. Love it! And Mylee is so adorable with her long hair.

Way to go Shar!!!

Keri said...

Love them! So so cute! I was actually thinking while on my cruise that I just have to have you take some neat maternity pics next time I am.....Can't wait to see the pics you get of Lola!