Friday, April 8, 2011


check out lil miss reese~ she is about to turn 1, and she couldn't be more insane adorable! her mom does my hair, and she is fab! it was so fun hanging out girlies~

IMG_zzzx4446 IMG_zzzr4567 IMG_zz4475IMG_zzz4333IMG_zzzzzz4609IMG_zzz4308


Ashley Somawang said...

I love these, soo sweet!! My fav is the second one down, the b&w one. Your photography is awesome, and i am loving following your blog:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos of the wee lass. I have a little cherub in my life who will be 2 soon- his name is Maxx. Maybe he could pair up with this cutie pie- they would make quite the handsome "baby couple".

(His newest thing is trying to describe the weather- last week when it was snowing all the time, he would point outside and say, "it's nowing"- pretty dang cute!:)

Happy night.

ryan said...

You did such a great job with my little Reese thanks so much!!!!

Elise Allred said...

So cute of little Reese! Good job Sharstin!