Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{melissa & jace}

adore this couple--remember them from {here}. They are so much fun, and let me do whatever. I found this really cool location with these old cars and such--they rocked it...of course!


IMG_f2914 copy



Eric and Jill said...

Great shots! Love that you had so many where Jace held his straight face while Melissa was able to smile. Definitely brought out the best in each of them. Good joB!

Melissa Hirschi said...

LOVE THESE! You always do such an amazing job. Thank you so much for squeezing us in last minute. I love all the shots with the white bug. What a great find! And we love the one of us walking where Jace is saying "whisper, whisper" over and over. Ha!

Guess what! After talking to you, I decided to sign up for the Ogden marathon. I'm real excited to try and beat my time from before. Should be fun!

Anna of IHOD said...

I want a car like this someday;) Its a perfect photo element! Beautiful turnout:)

Alicia said...

They are so photogenic! Love all of them!! I love the location too...so fun with the old car, mixes things up a bit:)

Alicia said...

PS..love the one with Jace in the chair loungin with his stripey socks!

Shana Smith said...

So DANG cute!! What a great dress Melissa! Great Christmas card:)

Lindsay said...

These are so great!! Love them... Meliss, you guys are so photogenic! oh and I love your dress! =)