Tuesday, October 21, 2008

{Garrett Fam}

This is my friend Alexis and her gorgeous little family. I am sure you recognize Avery and Brogan--I got to take their pictures earlier this year. They are the cutest. We had so much fun! I found a new location that I loved, and I got to hang out with these guys--they are such a cute fam. I think we got a lot of fun ones. I love the one where Brogan is feeding Avery the sucker..I loved all the outfits too--good job Lex!

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IMG_6018_edited-1 copy

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IMG_6353_edited-1 copy

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IMG_6312_edited-1 copy


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IMG_6227_edited-1 copy

IMG_5973_edited-1 copy

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Lindsay Heiser said...

Oh my these are adorable! What a cute little family! I love her scarf and the baby's little boots... So so cute!

The Steel's said...

Again, job well done! You really couldn't mess up such a good looking group. I love the brown hats and what a pretty site. And the lollipops are always a fave. Love them!

Tone Loc said...

You are quick girl. These are so cute. I mean OBVIOUSLY I am biased. But what a smokin' family. Good job, as usual. Love the colors.

Keri Mead said...

So so so cute
I need you to do some of our whole family, maybe in the spring....

Felix said...

Sharstin...you are AMAZING! Quick..quick..quick. Thank you so much. I know the kids were not cooperating and you were such a trooper in that freezing COLD. I cannot believe you got some happy shots of Miss Avery in the midst of her meltdown. Seriously you are AWESOME! I posted the first family one on my blog. Is that okay? You let me before...so I went with it. I will take it off if not. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how talented my friend is :) I LOVE the individual ones of Brogan and Avery with the lollipop (DARLING)....and the one where they are kissing is priceless. Thanks Again!

Adam and Brittany Hutchinson said...

LOVE these pictures! The Garrett's are such a sweet family, and all so gorgeous! The location is beautiful, especially for fall! You are awesome...I can't wait for you to take some pics of baby Kadence when she gets here, hopefully soon!!!

David and Jaclyn said...

I love this location? Where did you take these? You do a great job with all your pictures. :)

TJones said...

I have to say, I love your photos! I am a little partial to this family of course.=) But I love stalking you blog and love your work!