Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{A Newbie}

This is little Halia! She was so much fun to photograph. She is absolutely gorgeous! You guys are a beautiful family... and Jamie--you look amazing! Thanks guys.

IMG_7042_edited-1 copy

IMG_7057_edited-1 copy

IMG_7008_edited-1 copy

IMG_6989_edited-1 copy_edited-1

IMG_7039_edited-1 copy

IMG_7165_edited-1 copy

IMG_7238_edited-1 copy

IMG_7284_edited-1 copy

IMG_7314_edited-1 copy

IMG_7410_edited-1 copy

IMG_z7411_edited-1 copy_edited-1


Lindsay Heiser said...

Oh my goodness she is a beauty! I LOVE LOVE the daddy daughter ones.. How precious!

Michelle said...

Wow those are incredible! I love the Daddy ones but the mom one is so precious!! What a beatiful baby!!

Adam and Brittany Hutchinson said...

She is gorgeous!! I love the pink hat.

Lindsey Rose said...

That is so sweet, I love the ones on the calico blanket

Berlins said...

Beautfiul baby, and gorgeous pictures. I love the ones with the dad, I think the shirt off is a good goes with the pictures!

Sharstin said...

For sure Leash!

Crawford Crew said...

You out did your self again! These are beautiful! :)