Friday, March 27, 2009


One of my fav couples just had their little baby Reese! I was able to take Dave and Jaclyn's picts when little Reese was just a bump (you can view them here). Reese is a beautiful little baby.. we had a lot of fun--Thanks guys! IMG_z4946_edited-1 copy_edited-1
bump Reese

_MG_9113_edited-1 copy

IMG_9443_edited-1 copy

IMG_9234_edited-1 copy

IMG_z9178_edited-1 copy_edited-2

_MG_zzz9356_edited-2 copy_edited-2


IMG_9385_edited-1 copy

IMG_z9148_edited-1 copy

_MG_9537_edited-1 copy


David and Jaclyn said...

Oh my heck I love them!! You are one amazing and talented woman :) Thanks for making our pictures so special!

Keri said...

Oh I love them. Jaclyn of course always looks gorgeous!

David and Jaclyn said...
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Lindsay Heiser said...

She is so adorable!! Those pictures are great Shar... What a cute little family!

Berlins said...

All of the pictures (of both Reeses) are so cute! I love them. As always spectacular job!:)